'Through the Years'
"Through the Years"
  • Our Parents, Ernie and Debbie Noyce, have been together since they were 15 years old! They are truly one soul, and you rarely, if ever, see one without the other.
  • Dad was diagnosed with a very aggressive, hard to detect, terminal cancer at the fairly young age of 59, with a very grave, short prognosis.
  • Fortunately, mom NEVER gives up, especially when it comes to dad, and found a cancer center in Richmond, VA, who has given us hope they can extend his life, possibly up to a year!
  • Dad has decided to donate his body to science, to help someone in the future possible avoid this tragedy if that is God’s will for him.
  • UN-fortunately, they are not in network, however that is completely irrelevant to keeping our dad for as long as possible if his quality of life is still within reason. (HE LOVES to tease and joke with us still! Not ready to check out!)
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